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Guto’s is a brand with the vision of introducing Brazil’s favorite snack – Pão de Queijo, into the Netherlands for the first time. Named after the Chef – Guto Souza, who hails from Minas Gerais, Brazil (origin of Pão de Queijo) – the snack is an ingrained part of the Brazilian Culture, it is enjoyed by all – young and old.
It is gluten-free, non added sugar and is a healthier alternative to various other snacks available in the market. Our goal with Guto’s is bringing the authentic flavor associated with these famous Brazilian cheese breads, coupled with the Chef’s energy and originality.

With Guto’s, we intend to introduce Europe to this all natural, gluten-free & non added sugar delicacy in frozen, packaged & “ready to bake” format so that our customers can enjoy them in the convenience of their homes!
Using state-of-the-art automated system, our Pão de Queijo are made with the choicest of handpicked ingredients maintaining highest quality standards during the entire process from procurement of raw materials to production to packaging. Completely natural without any artificial flavors!


Great for breakfast or as an anytime snack, Guto’s Pão de Queijo can be regularly served with coffee or as an amazing sandwich bread. Golden-crispy on the outside and silky soft on the inside, our pão de queijo are hard to resist!

Chef Guto Souza


From a colonial town in Minas Gerais, Brazil comes a legend.

Loud, unapologetic and hard to miss, Chef Guto believes having a snack, like having a conversation, should come easy.

Chef Guto Souza is a renowned Chef having a 25 year experience in the restaurant field having had 6 restaurants in 5 different countries. Guto is an extremely passionate Chef with a keen understanding of flavors. He hails from the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil where his culinary life started with the diversity of Brazilian cuisine. Chef Guto has extensive experience in Brazil, where he worked in top notch restaurants in Rio de Janeiro as well as running his own establishments. Always wanting to expand his horizon and discover the flavors of the world, he embarked on a journey around Europe and India, absorbing the different cuisines and developing his own unique style along the way. During his travels, he both opened and ran many little gems as well as providing consultancy and training services to existing hospitality businesses.

Chef Guto’s impressive track record includes a Michelin Star nomination, highly successful restaurants like ‘Fusion Restaurant’ and ‘Go with the Flow’ in Goa (India) with which he won 4 Food Awards of the Times of India, ‘La Cacerola’ in Amsterdam (Holland), awarded with 5 stars by Time Out Amsterdam and ‘Tante Kiki’ in Bruges (Belgium) which won him the title of ‘best International Restaurant’ by The Taste of Bruges.

Together Guto and Praveesh decided to start a chain of ‘Botecos’ pan India. More than partners, they are each other’s strengths. And it is this bond that culminated into the successful brand Boteco, India’s first authentic Brazilian Restaurant, the flagship restaurant being in Pune.  Guto & Praveesh felt the growing demand of taking the brand to Mumbai. As a result of which they opened a second unit of Boteco Restaurant in BKC, Mumbai in July 2017. Most recently together they launched ‘Botequim Cervejaria’ – a newly opened rooftop bar above Boteco that offers a wide range of more than 14 local craft beers to choose from along with global bar bites. The passion and integrity with which they run the restaurant culminates into a beautiful dining experience for it’s patrons.

Big fans of the authentic cheese breads themselves, Chef Guto & Praveesh wanted to introduce the world to this delectable healthy snack. And as an ode to the legend, the exemplary Chef, it was on Praveesh’s insistence that the brand be named after him….GUTO’S!!

Chef’s Classic

Pão de Queijo natural, for the morning coffee, or any other moment of the day.

Chef’s Ham

Pão de Queijo slider filled with delicious Yorkham makes a fabulous lunch snack!

Chef’s Pulled Pork

Pão de Queijo slider filled with juicy pulled pork! A delicacy from the state of Minas Gerais, home town of Chef Guto Souza.

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